Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Some Amazing Pictures!

Guess what! I feel like blogging!!!!
My dad brought his camera from work home, for me to take some pictures with it, and it is WONDERFUL! I love that camera. I had so much fun with it! Here are some of the pictures.
You can enlarge the pictures to see them better!

 Poppies about to open.
 Above: A Columbine about to open.
 I love clothespins!! :) 
You probably don't know what this is?  It is a berry off of a juniper tree, sitting on the trampoline. Makes such a neat picture!
 This poor butterfly had part of its wing torn off; that's probably why it was content to just sit on the roof and let me take pictures of it.
 Above: This a beautiful Allium in my friend's backyard.
 My brother and I were on the roof, star gazing last night, and the camera actually captured the craters on the moon!! Amazing!


  1. Wow Emily! Keep up the good work! I really like photos 2, 4, and 5... excellent job? What kind of camera does your dad have?

  2. sorry... there wasn't supposed to be a question mark after excellent job... it was supposed to be an exclamation point! :)

  3. Jonelle,
    I figured as much. :)
    Thanks! I love to hear praise from such a good photographer like yourself!
    The camera is a Canon SX40 HS, with 35x zoom. It's Dad's work camera that he uses for microscopic things.